CONGRATU-FREAKING-LATIONS on your engagement!!!

You are entering into an exciting, sometimes stressful, but beautifully rewarding season of life. There's a lot of planning to be done, filled with countless decisions. I'm not just talking about your wedding, but also your life together in marriage afterwards. It's a BIG DEAL.

More than just photographing it, we're about helping walk you through the experience and remember to take time to enjoy each other. Slow down. Hold tight. Kiss for a little too long. We want you to remember the why of this whole thing. 

We're all about capturing natural moments that you'll want to remember forever while also directing you through your day to ensure that no one is panicking about what to do with their hands. ;) 


We are Liv & Caleb.

We are rain-dancing, pun-making, and flannel-wearing kind of people. 

When I (Olivia) was 16, I started photographing weddings. It wasn't until after photographing over 50 couples that I found my own other half. Pretty early on, I realized my people-loving graphic designer man would be a perfect fit to not just join me in life, but become an epic 2nd shooter and business partner.

Now we get to serve couples together through one of their biggest life transitions!

Being recent newlyweds, we understand what it's like to navigate the highs and lows of relationship and building a life together. For us, wedding photography is about more than a job, but set of beliefs. We believe that love is worth the work. We believe that wedding days are meant to be stress free and a whole lot of fun. We believe in creating friendships with our couples before and beyond their wedding days.

We would absolutely love to be a part of your wedding and your life!


 After the cake is smashed in each other's faces, the flowers dried or wilted, and the dress packed away - you have your partner and your photographs left. These carry special memories and deserve to be taken with care, professionalism, and love. After photographing 75+ weddings, I'm able to help walk you through your day. In fact, both Caleb and I are here to ensure a smooth, fun, and well captured day. We will direct as needed. I will help you with timelines and planning questions. We'll tell your brother to stop goofing off for 5 minutes or encourage your flower girls to make silly faces. We are willing to invest into you, so we ask our couples to also see their photos as an investment.


Engagement Adventures

Full Adventure: $350

These full adventures  (1-2 hours) are meant to set you up perfectly for all your engagement photo needs as well as capture your love story in a relaxed, no rush setting. We will find a location (or several) that reflects you as a couple - from the place you first met to a spot you've been dying to explore. If you're up for it, we'll grab some food + drinks afterwards to celebrate and bond a bit more! (Gallery contains around 150 photographs.)

Mini Adventure: $200

These mini adventures (20 minutes) pairs best with dinner chatting about your wedding plans and bonding as couple friends. It's meant for a quick "let's get extra comfy around each other" sort of session. This is best for couples who want just a few photos and to shake off some camera nerves before the big day. (Gallery contains around 50 photographs.)

SamEunikaPreview-8 (1).jpg

Wedding Day Packages

What kind of package do I need? What does 8, 10, or 11 hours cover? These are my most common questions! While we'll sit down, look at a timeline, and figure this out together - I've included the basics of the average wedding day and what is covered!

Package 1: $3,000

  • 8 hours of coverage (first look through first dances)
  • 2 Photographers
  • Online gallery with print release
  • Wooden box with USB + 4x6 Print Proofs of 200 photos

Package 2: $3,500

  • 10 hours of wedding coverage (getting ready through dance)
  • 2 Photographers
  • Online gallery with print release
  • Wooden box with USB + 4x6 Print Proofs of 200 photos

Package 3: $4,000

  • 11 hours of photography coverage (getting ready through dance + extra wiggle room)
  • 2 Photographers
  • Online gallery with print release
  • Wooden box with USB + 4x6 Print Proofs of 200 photos
  • Complimentary Engagement Session

Ummmm, hey Liv? What if I'm not having a traditional wedding? 


I'm glad you asked! If you are hosting a lakeside intimate brunch wedding, a surprise wedding (it's a thing!), or eloping - I'm still your girl. My rate for intimate weddings (under 5 hours of coverage or under 50 people) and elopements is $400 per hour + travel.

Intimate weddings and elopements are always some of my favorites and I'm crazy honored to get to be invited into such private and personal celebrations. Let's please talk details if you're planning something different than the norm.


Printing Please!


I offer a few specialty print options for my wedding couples because there's something magical about holding your memories in your own hands. Firstly, you can order basic prints and canvases off of your personal online gallery. Then, we have a few options for gorgeous and class act albums. I'm all about having no hidden costs, so here's the album options and holler if you want the detailed print pricing list. 


Linen Lay-flat Album: $675

Leather Bound Album: $995

My Top 8 (Wedding Vendor Friends)


I know we aren't in the MySpace era anymore, but if were WERE, these "friendors" would each have a special spot in my top 8. Beautiful souls. Beautiful work. Hire them and you won't regret it. 

In no particular order we have:

  1. Florals // Olive Branch Botany
  2. Calligraphy + Invites // Kalligraphy Design
  3. Florals // Love Always Florals
  4. Decor + Rentals // The White House Co.
  5. Gowns // Your Day By Nicole
  6. Decor + Rentals // Gathered Events and Rentals
  7. Videography // Grace Films
  8. Bakery // Yeobo Sweet Shop
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Q: I know NOTHING about planning a wedding and am super overwhelmed. Will you help me and answer "dumb" questions? A: ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY! Being engaged is a weird season. Wedding planning is rough. I'll help you out as much as possible. 

Q: My fiance/I HATE being in front of a camera! What do you do to make it feel less awkward? A: I cannot count how many times I've heard this! I always tell couples that as long as you're in love, you're going to look amazing. Now I understand self confidence issues and not always feeling fantastic about how you look, but trust me - if you can relax, you will look fantastic. Our goal is to make the awkward experience as painless as possible. There'll be plenty of smooching and laughing. My goal is to make you feel at home and from there, it's easy to capture real moments and emotion. 

Q: My budget is CLOSE to what your prices are, but not QUITE there. Is there anything you can do to help us out?  A: While I make no guarantees, I would love to still talk to you. Caleb and I both understand budget - we paid for the majority of our own wedding as freshly self-employed post-grads. It's tough sometimes. So if you're in love with our work and we're your dream photographer, don't the budget stop you from talking more. We'll see what we can do!

Q: What do you charge for mileage and travel fees? A: If you're within 90 miles of Fargo - NOTHING. If you are outside the radius, we'd absolutely LOVE to travel and we can talk through details. We try to keep travel as low as we possibly can, but every situation is different. Let's chat about the details one-on-one. 

Q: If we were to book you, would we need to know which package we want right away? A: I don't require you to have a final decision on package length before booking. Often couples get more clarity as they solidify their schedule and the pieces come together. As long as the deposit is in, that's the important part!

Q: Speaking of booking, what do I have to do to book you? A: Start off by sending an email saying that you're in! There are 3 things you need to do to make it official: 1) sign the contract, 2) pay the deposit of $1,000 and 3) set up a consult to meet if we haven't done that already. 

Now brace yourself for some serious celebration!