High school is drawing to a close and you have big dreams for the future.

Your heart is aching to figure out what's next - college, jobs, new adventures. The world is waiting for who you are and what you have to offer. There is a magic within you that's dying to be released. My goal (and joy) is to help you see the wild and wonderful beauty that you carry.

You are lovely - fiercely beautiful and full of life. Sometimes, it's hard to see that in a world of famous instagramers and impossible standards. But I believe that yours senior photos can be a real expression of your inner beauty and unique heart. More than just your photographer, I want to step in as a big sister and friend. So if you're down for some heart-to-hearts and adventures, I'm the photographer for you!


Northwoods Summer Session

Urban Autumn Session

Studio Winter Session

These turned out beautiful. I’m a little bias (about the subject) obviously, but you did a wonderful job with every shot.

Thank you so much. We spent quite a bit of time selecting you after months of internet searching and referrals and I don’t think we could have chosen a better photographer and overall great person.
— 2017 Senior Mom

You will only be a senior once.

Your senior photos are an experience that should be fun, stress free, and make you feel like the most empowered version of yourself. Every Liv Seniors session is styled and custom made to reflect who you are.

Sessions start at $200

Average investment is $500

  • You are okay with me making constant references to Beyonce lyrics
  • You are willing to take the time to plan our your session's vibe + vision
  • You believe that the best is yet to come
  • You are down for crazy adventures and finding hidden locations
  • You love expressing yourself through your own personal style
  • You don't want fake smiles - genuine belly laughs only