The dreams in your heart are meant to change the world.

Maybe that sounds corny, but I truly believe it's true. You have passions and ideas that will impact nations and history. The things that make you unique were designed to make a difference. The crazy things that keep you up at night buzzing with excitement are for a purpose. 

It's been a joy and honor to partner with crazy dreamers from all walks of life. I've had the opportunity to tell the story of a genocide survivor who is doing grassroots community development in rural Rwanda. I've been able to work with musicians to bring visuals to the sound they create. I've partnered with brands and boutiques to highlight businesses that give back. I've photographed fellow creatives and entrepreneurs so they have content that reflects their heart. Are you next? 


Rwanda Humanitarian Trip

Fair Trade Boutique

Creative Headshots

In the field, Olivia displayed an incredible sense of compassion for the subjects of the story. More important than “getting the shot,” Olivia was able to see the soul beyond the story and had a genuine concern for the person on the other side of the camera.

Olivia’s background in Social work, artistic skill and desire to learn made her the perfect student for our workshop. I can absolutely highly recommend Olivia for nearly any position. We’ve found her to be a rare gem and know you’ll feel the same.
— Benjamin Edwards

Would you sit down and tell me your dreams? 

I want to hear your heart and see how we could collaborate to capture your passions in a tangible, visual form. Due to a wide scope of projects, my pricing is dependent on the details of your needs. For a quote, send me an email to set up a free consult.

If you are a nonprofit working to fight poverty, empower women, or keep kids safe - reach out and see if you qualify to participate in the Give Back Model. You'd receive a free project and donation to your awesome cause.


  • You want to communicate visually with intention and purpose.
  • You serve people faithfully, no matter if it's orphans or business clients.
  • You are doing work that sets your heart on fire.
  • You believe that crazy dreams have the potential to change the world.
  • You consider "cynicism" and "apathy" to be four letter words. 
  • You refuse to cater to fear, but pursue life with JOY in the face of challenges.