Ask ALL the Questions! // Senior FAQs

Want to get into the nitty gritty?

Let's talk about your questions! I've compiled a big ol' list of topics that I get a lot of questions about and are really nice to know as you do your senior year planning. This post is designed to help answer some of your questions, but please don't hesitate to ask ANYTHING that's not already here! 

I'm here to serve and I want you to be in-the-know! So if you want to skim to the parts that apply to you or read the whole thannng, you do you! Just enjoy and I hope you find this full of helpful tidbits for your journey. 

My story


Q. How long have you been doing photography and photographing seniors?

A. When I was 14 I saved up my money from babysitting my siblings in order to buy my first Nikon DSLR. The next day, I took photos of my friend who was soon to be a senior in high school. Throughout the next several years, I practiced a TON and photographed anyone who would let me. When I was 17, I had my first year paying taxes on my business and doing all those legit big kid things. Throughout college, I built my business and upon graduation, I've become a full-time photographer pursuing my passions of connecting with people and telling their stories. So SEVEN years after my first camera + little senior mini shoot, I'm really ready to tell your story.

Q. Why do you love senior photography?

A. Mostly because I think high school students are the coolest. For real! I'm a big sister to the core, a camp counselor, youth leader, and general fan of teenagers. There are so many ways you are learning and growing during this stage of life. You are brilliant, capable, and beautiful and I love seeing the big dreams in your heart and encouraging you on your journey. Seriously, seniors are so freaking cool and I just love hanging out with them!

Q. What do I need to know about you?

A. More so than my favorite food (coffee) and dream pet (hedgehog), here's what you really need to know: I'm a photographer for the dreamers and the wild ones. I'm here to hear your heart. We may have momentary distractions from shooting to talk about real life stuff or talking long after the sun has set. My favorite thing is creating real connection and the type that carries through the years. There's no creepy contract stating I must do all your photos forever and ever, but I really love the opportunities to keep up and keep telling your story as it changes and grows. Also: I dance a lot and I usually make my seniors dance at least once. #noshame 



Q. Can I bring my pet?

A. Heck Yes! I want these photos to feel like you. Plus, I’m a big fan of furry critters!

Q. Should I have props or do you provide those?

A. Let's only add in props if they mean something to YOU! Or are just legitimately cool (like anything from White House Co). Being true to yourself is always the best policy - plus we can chat about this over our little consult hangout. 

Q. Can I bring my family?

A. Yes, and also kinda no. Mom is always welcome to come with, but I also encourage some exploration with just the two of us. I try to snap a few quick shots with you and mom if she’s there. If you want photos of the whole fam, you can do a mini session add on with your family the same day as your session if you want to double down and get those Christmas cards done.

Q. Should I wear my glasses in my photos?

A. This is up to you! I totally get the glasses life - you wear them every day and that’s how everyone knows you, but maybe you don’t like the glare in photos or feel prettier without them. I’d suggest doing some of both! Your glasses are part of your style, but it’s also fun to feel a little extra glam without them.

Q. I still have braces on, but am planning on getting them off during senior year. How should I time my session?

A. The most popular option I’ve had seniors do previously is to do their senior session before or early on in senior year. Then, we schedule a mini session for post-braces. That way, you can have the lush, green, bright vibes you may desire, but also have some metal-free smiles later!

Q. What days of the week can I schedule my session?

A. Because I’m a wedding photographer as well, I’m often gone on Saturdays and have limited weekend availability May-October. If you have to have a weekend date, book early! Otherwise we pick weekday evenings.

Q. Why can’t I schedule my session at noon?

A. I advise against mid-day shoots unless we’re doing a studio mini. Light changes throughout the day. In late morning through late afternoon, the sun is crazy harsh and unflattering. While I can manipulate that light using reflectors, shady spaces, and strategy, if you schedule your session at “golden hour” (when the sun is warm and magical in the late evening before sunset) we have a lot more freedom. I keep an eye on the weather the day of your session and if it’s looking really cloudy, we bump the time up to make sure we have enough light.

Q. Could I do a sunrise session?

A. Oh yeah, girl! If you’re willing to wake up at the crack of dawn, I am too. Sometimes with busy schedules, that works best. It can create some gorgeous light and images as well.

Q. Do I have to purchase prints through you?

A. I want to ensure that you have an amazing quality experience from start to finish. Your photos deserved to be printed professionally so that they don’t lose any of their beauty. You can purchase prints through your online gallery (and you get all the web resolution images for FREE!), but can purchase high-resolution files and a print release either individually, or as a whole set.

My favorite question of all


Q. How do I book my senior session with you?

A. Get started by filling out this contact form and we'll start the conversation!