Sam + Eunika || A Minneapolis + Poland Love Story

I don’t believe there’s nothing left to believe
I don’t believe there’s nothing left to receive
I will wait for you.
— A high school Samuel

I'm not sure how I could ever find the right words for this post.

Today, I get to share with you photos from a very special event with even more special people. On New Years Eve 2015, my brother proposed to her girlfriend and love of his life. He did it in his usual quirky style, complete with a marionette show, their songs playing in the background, and taking comunion together. Being a part of this holy moment was breathtaking and absolutely surreal.

Sam and Eunika met in Germany this summer at Steiger Missions School where Sam was visiting while touring with the Suitcase Side Show and Eunika was attending the school as a student. They hit it off filming a video about the global church and fell in love in at an art festival in a castle in Poland. No, I'm not joking. There's no way I could do their story proper justice to explain how much of a movie moment it all was. They started dating at the end of the summer after Sam returned to Minneapolis and within days, they knew that this was it.

 Eunika came to Minnesota for Christmas with my family and got to be a part of Sam's life in Minneapolis for a few weeks. During this trip, he asked her to marry him.

I'm counting down the days until their 2017 wedding and where I will get to photograph their wedding and gain a sister in the process. Now without further adieu, here's the proposal + engagement of these two dear ones. 

Proposal Location: Sam's Minneapolis Home (styled by me and my mother)

Engagement Photos Location: Minnehaha Falls

Ring: Salmela Jewler's INC, Grand Rapids, MN. Black Hills gold with Topaz and Opal.