Elegant Duluth Wedding || Emily + Austin at Greysalon Ballroom

No amount of rain or wind could stop this day from being absolutely beautiful.

Austin and Emily are the sort of loves who fell hard and fast - knowing that when it was right, it's pretty dang obvious to them and everyone around them. Their day was bumped ahead by an offer of a date at their dream venue and it was so worth a shorter engagement to have this amazing wedding at Greysalon Ballroom in Duluth, MN.

 Their day was filled with kisses, giggles, best friends and family, beautiful heartfelt vows (with nods to Emily's poetry), and a dash of punk music at the dance! (Because how else would these two celebrate but with a mini mosh pit?!) Enjoy this look into their wonderful day!

I want us to help each other see the world differently
And at the end of the day see each other beautifully
— Emily's poem written for her future husband (WHO IS NOW HER HUSBAND!)
Baby, I want to be a kid with you
I want to laugh and I want to smile and I want the hard days to roll off our backs when we are together.
— Emily's Poem