Why to Hire a Professional... Even When your Friend could do it

 Me with my Senior Storyteller girls last summer!

Me with my Senior Storyteller girls last summer!

Why Should I Go to a Professional When I Can Have My Friend Do it?

When I was a senior, I was super into photography and had taken lots of friends senior photos. Countless people asked me, “are you going to take your own senior photos?” Every single time I’d nervous chuckle and try to explain to people why I valued have senior photos taken by a photographer that I loved. Despite the fact that my photographer was still starting out, I intentionally chose her because I loved her style and knew it’d be worth driving four hours to have a unique experience.

I understand that budgets are tight. I paid for my own senior session and the fee seemed like a steep price to me as a high school student working as a hostess at Village Inn. It seems like an easy option to just pick a friend or family member who owns a decent camera in order to save money. While maybe that works best for you, I wanted to just share my heart about why it may be worth looking at that budget one more time to see if you can make it work!

Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to go pro (no matter if it’s me or Sally down the street)

  1. There will be plenty of opportunity for fun friend photo shoots. You will go on many little adventures and instagram road trips and model for each other. That’s awesome! But this is an opportunity that you have to make your senior photos a big deal. Meet with me over coffee + donuts to design your shoot. Get your hair and makeup done. Get treated like a superstar. Be photographed by someone who knows how to bring out the very best of who you are.

  2. Posing and capturing natural emotion is harder than it looks. Part of a professional photographer’s job is to make the whole thing look easy. You see the effortless photos on instagram and think, “oh, I bet that’s easy if I just show examples!” But to have someone who knows the steps to get there, ways to battle awkwardness, and how to make you relax is a make or break skill.

  3. Image quality, editing skills, and printing ability does show. Your friend or family member may be able to take a really awesome picture of you that captures your spirit beautifully. But do they have high enough image resolution to blow that sucker up? Do they have editing software and skills to process the images to be polished diamonds? Do they know what printing labs are the best quality and deliver you timeless products? These things will affect how you get to display your photos.

  4. These are the photos you’re gonna show your grandkids to prove how cool you were in high school. You better make it good. (Kidding. Kinda.)

I say these things in love and with understanding - I was the girl in high school who took senior photos for my older friends. Everyone has to start somewhere and that friend you are using may become the next Hope Taylor or Whitley B. Some people also just don't have spending money on photos as a huge priority or sometimes our budgets just don't allow it. But if you choose to invest in a senior session with me, I will do everything in my power to make it worth every single penny.

That’s what professionals do.