Minneapolis Urban Engagement // Austin + Emily

I want to build forts with you

Create magical pillow/blanket/cushion/whatever else we can find kingdoms we can rule

I wanna slay dragons with you

I want to overcome staggering obstacles and fight against dark forces with you

I want us to be the underdogs people cheer for as we push through
— From Emily's Future Husband poem

These two are genuine. They are silly. They are intentional with people. They have dreams of being a safe space for those who feel overlooks and out of place. They are creative and deep souls. 

I met Emily at a little Minneapolis house show last spring and we instantly connected over a passion for spoken word and getting really real with people. She's a crazy talented human, but also deeply loving and authentic. Watching her relationship with Austin over social media leap from "I'm DATING THE BEST DUDE EVER" to "I'M GETTING MARRIED" in just a few months has made me giddy with excitement. Austin is a gem - he loves her well, has a huge heart for teenagers and music, and together they make an awesome power couple. I'm counting down the days until their Duluth wedding in May!

Enjoy their Minneapolis engagement session on a chilly MN winter day! 

Sometimes I wanna be the princess that you rescue from the tower

And sometimes I wanna be the heroine who rescues you

And still other times I want us to be fighting back to back against the demons that we know about and the ones we don’t talk about out loud.... but maybe should

I want us to triumphantly proclaim truth over each other when the piercing voice of the lies seems so much louder than our own

After all, kids aren’t afraid to admit they don’t want to face the monsters in their closets alone
— From Emily's Future Husband poem


Stone Arch Bridge:

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Electric Fetus