Kayla + Reece || Eau Claire WI Wedding Photographer

I could talk about these two and their wedding all day. 

I met Kayla in a little church in Las Vegas that doubles as an outreach center while I was doing a church internship and she was on debrief from her YWAM DTS. Being both Minnesotans passionate about anti-trafficking efforts, we connected over the cities we grew up in and hearts that were broken seeing injustice. She was a kindred spirit from the beginning. 

It was a joy-filled opportunity being asked to photograph her wedding in Wisconsin. 

The day did not disappoint. Flower crowns. Handmade chandelier. Getting ready in a house from the 1800s. Bohemian style on point. The Presence of God thickly covering it all. Breakfast for dinner!!!! Face cake smashing. Giggling when kissing. A wild wedding party (including a dear friend and some new friends). Custom vintage dress. Fair trade everything. It was 100% a dream come true. 

Personally, this was a wedding that filled my heart with the deepest hope and encouragement. I loved seeing a couple who wrote about serving the poor in their vows and directed everything towards Jesus. Watching Kayla marry a man who carries such integrity, humility, kindness, and shares her wild passion to be a missionary + freedom fighter, it gave me hope for my own future. 

This couple will change the world. And this is their day.

P.S. They met through International Justice Mission - an amazing nonprofit fighting injustices like human trafficking globally. For more information, check out their website or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!! 

I vow to love God more so I can love you better.
— the vows