James + Sadie || Bemidji MN Wedding Photographer

These two carry heaven in every moment of their lives and their wedding day was no different.

This wedding was an honor on one million levels. James and Sadie are royalty. They walk with authority and freedom that inspires me every single day. I get to call them dear friends and they have each pushed me and encouraged me in countless ways through this last year of deepening friendships and sharing a community. I know Jesus better because of knowing them. 

James has a laugh that's made him famous. It's loud and unashamed and from the depths of his being. He is a big bundle of feels and emotions. He sometimes reminds me of a super friendly puppy who dearly loves every single person he ever comes in contact with. He's powerful and courageous and unafraid to be fully himself and honest with those around him. 

Sadie is an artist with a boldness and freedom that makes people admire her from both up close and afar. She gives the best hugs that communicate the depths of her love without all the feely words. Her hair changes constantly and her fashion is never timid. There's a strength, confidence, and power that she possesses that makes her a rare gem.

Together, they are a power couple.

From the very beginning, it was clear that this was it. They were getting married and everyone around them felt this confidence in who they are and who they would be together. Our friend Jordann said it best when she said they are finally already getting married.

Their wedding reflected the same core values that their relationship did. Community. Kingdom. Freedom. Wisdom. Laughter. All those things came shining through in bigger ways than just the beautiful details and lakeside vows. Those things were felt.