Megan + Isaac || Northwood ND Wedding

Megan and Isaac are my sort of people. I knew that from the moment I read their questionnaire and saw that some of their biggest passions were missions, Jesus, and children. Sure enough, I kept discovering mutual friends and even had my own uncle and aunt as wedding guests! When we met up for coffee before the wedding to go over details and to get to know each other, I was struck by how easy it felt and how conversation flew by. Their wedding made the perfect start to the 2016 season.

 Despite the beautiful barn and tasty cake pops, I have three true favorites from this day:

  1. Isaac almost passed out when he saw Megan. Like he was shaking because of the level of excitement and awe over her beauty. There were so many tears and giggles and feelings all over the place. (First looks, people! They are gold...) 
  2. They are fun. I have a million laughing photos because that's just what we did all day. There was such a spirit of joy and adventure and lightheartedness despite the seriousness of the covenant they were entering. 
  3. Isaac had the CUTEST nieces and nephews on the planet as well as enough to rival the population of a rural North Dakota town. Not only did they incorporated every kid officially into the wedding (except the 2-days old baby), but you could tell that they truly valued children. It showed up in the photographs and the pure amount of kiddos gone cray shots I got. (I may have encouraged a niece to jump off a tree again for a picture... Thankfully, no children were harmed in the making of this wedding.) 

For more from this wedding, check out the wedding film by Grace Films! Jessica is amazing and it was such a joy to work alongside a church friend and talented artist.