Zach + Jodi || Detroit Lakes MN Lifestyle Photographer

Maybe the term "power couple" is overrated... 

But that's what Zach and Jodi are. They're this beautiful creative force of good stories and art and empowerment. They believe in investing in their community. They believe in living life full of adventures and intentional traveling. They believe that people matter and the world has worth. They believe in holding each other close, but never hesitating to invite others into their journey.

What an honor to have these two in my life as fellow creatives, community cheerleaders, and friends. 

It’s funny what happens to you when part of your heart gets born inside somebody else.
— Donald Miller
When the story of earth is told, all that will be remembered is the truth we exchanged. The vulnerable moments. The terrifying risk of love and the care we took to cultivate it. And all the rest, the distracting noises of insecurity and the flattery and the flashbulbs will flicker out like a turned-off television.
— Donald Miller