Javan + Marissa || Maplewood State Park Engagement Photographer

A good marriage is where both people feel like they’re getting the better end of the deal.
— Anne Lamott

There's something beautiful about a couple that grows into adulthood while loving each other. These two high school sweethearts have found a richness to the time - to the process of standing side by side for 4.5 years through plenty of changes and transitions and seasons. Their love is deep. They can read faces and feelings and finish sentences. They're perfect for each other - fitting like a favorite sweater on the first day of autumn. 

I met Javan almost 3 years ago as freshmen through Chi Alpha and in that time, I've watched both him and Marissa blossom into amazing leaders. As students in demanding programs (architecture and interior design) they have their plates full, but still serve faithfully even in the busiest seasons. Whether leading worship in front of hundreds, or running the sound booth in the back, the value that they bring to the ministries they give themselves to is absolutely incredible. I could not be more proud to know such amazing people or more honored to photograph their love!