Nick + Janelle Meske || Pelican Rapids MN Wedding Photographer

Mr. + Mrs. Meske 

Oh man, where to start on this one... 

Nick and Janelle have touched me so deeply in the process of being their engagement and wedding photographer. Though I knew them both through our involvement in Chi Alpha and mutual friends, it wasn't until I was invited into their lives in this capacity that I got to see the glory that is the Meskes up close and personally.

I have known few people who love as well as they do. They love each other, but they also deeply love people. All that love flows from this fierce and all consuming love that they have for Jesus. Yes, they are beautiful and fun and kind - but at the end of the day, what sticks in my mind is always, "dannnng... they really love Jesus." 

Their wedding day reflected that to the core. Their wedding party, friends, and family were all so full of joy seeing this couple start their life together and there was this beautiful sense of community present. Their wedding ceremony was a beautiful and holy experience - having to move inside due to rain and all! They weathered the storm that met their day like champions. Everyone celebrated like mad people when the clouds cleared. We all danced until our hearts were full and cheeks hurt from smiling too much.

Ultimately, it was life giving and God glorifying. Just like Nick and Janelle's lives.