Peter + Lynnea || Bemidji MN Wedding Photographer

Once upon a time, there was a seventh grade boy who decided that not only did he like a girl, but that someday he was going to marry her.

On May 23rd, Peter married Lynnea: the girl that he had sworn he would marry 7 years before. Their day was the beautiful culmination of so much waiting, praying, and adventuring together. They have walked in the highest striving to glorify God and to make Him look beautiful in their relationship, with their wedding day being no exception. Their heart was for people to be blessed by their wedding. For marriages to be restored. For hearts to be healed. And God answered their beautiful prayers. Their day was truly something special and everyone who witnessed the day was giddy to see it finally come. 

Draw close to Him and let your marriage be the overflow of that. When things are right with God, your marriage can actually become what it was designed to be. Peace comes when both parties come to an agreement. Agree on God—agree on His holiness and the supremacy He deserves in your lives.
— ― Francis Chan